The right fit for you

You are creative and love the idea of having a unique gown made for you.

You value craftsmanship of the the highest level.

You desire a gown that is dramatic, extravagant, unique and breathtaking.

Exclusive laces, handwork and bespoke beading are a must.

You are getting married in 8-12 months.

Please note: that our couture pieces require a starting budget of R45 000.

How it works

The consultations for couture gowns are R400, the booking is confirmed once payment has been made, the session is 90 minutes long.

The client will be presented with three sketches as well as accompanying fabric samples and ideas.

You are welcome to share images that inspire you.

A maximum of 2 members of your bride tribe may accompany you.

Please note: The sketches are proprietorial content and are the property of the designer until the quotation as been accepted.

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