Behind the seams of a local bridal designer

Dear Bride, 

They say the first foray into starting an online blog should be daring, provocative and attention-grabbing. I don't know if that's the case here but I wanted to speak about do's and no no's when it comes to local designers. 

1. Designers and dressmakers

So disclosure, I am by no means looking down on dressmakers but there are differences. Designers are not the right person if you want to take a grainy internet pic and have it copied for R5000. We are also not the right person to bring another designer's work and say "copy this please" NO we have a brand integrity to maintain and want to be on good terms with friends in the industry, stealing work kind of makes for bad relationships. Designers have spent time crafting an aesthetic that you as a client seek out, it's about wanting to work with that person for their critical eye, creative ideas, ingenious pattern work as well as respecting the brand that they are growing and nurturing. 


2. Budget

Probably one of the most feared and uncomfortable words. Money is a difficult thing for anyone to discuss but the key here is respect. Comments we frequently get "but why are you not cheaper than imported gowns" well we don't have to be and sometimes I think shouldn't be. Yes it's true we don't put a 45% import tax duty on our dresses but we also spend much much much more time designing for you, time fitting you, time sourcing and combining interesting and amazing fabrics for you, time supporting and advising you and overall so much more value and design for your budget. Again it's about what suits you but I think it's important to realize what you are getting.

3. " I had a bad experience" 

If this has happened to you I can only imagine how awful that must be, it must be very traumatic to have your wedding dress turn into a disaster and things do happen, whether its imported or made all of us have a horror story BUT here are a few tips where local design is concerned where you ameliorate your risk. 

As the saying goes you will get what you pay for, constantly trying to negotiate price isn't going to be in your favor. 

if you love a design rather go to the designer who has made it than try and copy it with someone else, it won't be the same and you will be disappointed. 

Word of mouth is powerful and research, follow your designer be interested in them and their work.

Signing out